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Ice Age, The Meltdown also known as Ice Age 2 is an animated adventure film. It is a sequel to the 2002 animated film named Ice Age. It was produced by Blue Sky Studios of 20th Century Fox. This film was directed by Carlos Saldanha.

Ice Age 2 Animation Movies Free Download

Box office: It earned $660 million.
Voice cast: Ray Romano act as Manny, John Leguizamo act as Sid, Denis Leary act as Diego, Chris Wedge act as Scrat, Queen Latifah act as Ellie, Seann William Scott and Josh Peck act as Crash and Eddie. Will Arnett act as Lone Gunslinger Vulture, Jay Leno act as Fast Tony, Tom Fahn act as Stu, Alex Sullivan act as James, Alan Tudyk act as Cholly, Clea Lewis act as Female Mini Sloth. Ice Age 2 Animation Movies Free Download

Plot: A local con artist is claiming that the earth will flood & that the bark & reeds which he sells are wanted to stay live. Manny discharges the idea but is distracted when he figure out that the enjoyable weather has produced the ice shelves to melt. And it is kept from abolishing the valley only by the glaciers which have shaped a barrier.
A lone shark warns the animals, a giant tree can act as a boat & it can save them, if they make it to the end of the valley within three days’ time. The animals begin their journey and Sid sings three songs to tease Manny about Mammoths being “nonexistent”. At that time of removal a glacier, contains two sea reptiles from the Mesozoic era Cretaceous & Maelstrom and breaks moldy. Ice Age 2 Animation Movies Free Download

Manny fleetingly is detached from them; Diego & Sid meet two naughty opossums which named Crash & Eddie. They drive those nuts by playing Whack-A-Mole with them. Manny is silent depressed about being the last mammoth alive; his family which has been killed in by humans. But he surprised when he meetings Ellie who is a female mammoth. She believes she is an opossum & Crash & Eddie’s fellow. Sid invitations her to tag along with the group to escape the flood; she brings her comrades. Ice Age 2 Animation Movies Free Download

Sid stimuli Diego to encourage him to admit and face his fears.  Diego insists that fear is for prey, so Sid facts out that Diego is performing as if he is the water quarry. They notice a zone which Ellie recalls as the place where she was accepted. She finally understands she is a mammoth, also couriers her suspicions about how different she was from other opossums. She reserves herself from him when he suggests saving their species. Ellie & Manny eventually make up when they must cooperate to save the group. When the ground blows under their feet, Sid is kidnapped by a tribe of mini sloths. They believe Sid is a spirit. Sid illuminations a fire for them and trusts that he has finally found admiration. They plan to martyr him by mixing him into a volcano. He barely seepages.

A crowd of mammoth’s shows up but Manny & Ellie decide to remain together anyway.
The conclusion shows Scrat having a near death knowledge after falling into the crack. He enters a heaven full of acorns but fall against an attack.

Ice Age 2 Animation Movies Free Download HD 720p.

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