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Maari is a 2015 Tamil gangster comedy film.

Written and directed by: Balaji Mohan.

This film was jointly produced by Listin Sthephen and Raadhika Sarathkumar’s Magic Frames and Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films. This blockbuster is now one of the great movies which is already shaken the village of movie because of the acceptance of the audience. In this movie the first thing is that, Balaji has done a fab job in creating the “Maari” effect to Dhanush, and this matter he is barely confused about this and he can’t take any step to go forward. The actor’s costume and body language itself is enough to boost the heroism aroma around, and already done like this work, in this movie he again prove his proficiency on it, as a typical local rowdy he is seen in a loosely buttoned beach shirt and veshti, he is spent his all time here and there just for funny moment with his friends, a cool roundabout coolers, enough jewelry for a dowry, sports a street type hairdo, walks and smokes around with an arrogance and of course two sidekicks – sunny(Robo Shankar) and Adithangi to add mass and the vagabond community increased and their enjoyable moment also being colorful. Dhanush the man is simply electrifying, it might be the role he could simply do it blind folded for he is known to don local essence with ease. In the movie is character driven and hence Dhanush is expected to carry the entire movie, which he does. Screenplay by Balaji Mohan will hardly make you glance at your watch. Second half though could’ve been a touch pacier. The young lad has quickly learnt how to use different forms of music to different films. For a man of his caliber, the expectation from an ordinary fan is may be sky high because of his acceptance level.

Maari Full Movie with English Subtitles Free Download

The main theme of this movie at the starting point, a local rowdy whose meteoric rise in the colony has made him win some peer jealousy, then there is a police officer, he always trying to get the actual matter of everything and that is why he always around who tries to trick his way around to corner the goon and yes there is this beautiful heroine who starts off with negative impressions only to change her mind later.

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