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Rajotto is a Dhallywood crime action thriller which is film of 2014 directed by Iftakar Chowdhury & produced by Fatman Films. The film stars Shakib Khan & Bobby in lead roles. The music of the film composed by Adit Ozbert. Rajotto is about a deadly journey of a gangster. This film released on 7 March 2014. Upon release, the film received positive appraisals. Rajotto is presently one of the highest grossing Dhallywood film of 2014.

Box-Office: Budget if this movies is unknown.

Rajotto Bangla Movie Full Download
•Shakib Khanact as Somrat
•Bobbyact as Rihhana
•Pribir Mitro
•Arefin Iqbal

In Dhaka, two rival mafia gangs headed by Dubai-bed don Ali Bhai, & Mitro resort by criminal activities such  expiration, murder, & coercion by various reins. The new commissioner by police, Sayyad Mohammad PHA Qadri, focuses on making the city a better place by working at arresting all by them. Samrat, a remorseless gangster living in Dhaka along with his friends, is hired by Mitro & attacks Ali Bhai henchmen. He later joins Ali Bhai gang by monetary reins. He falls in love with Rihhana an exercises teacher, who rejects his loans.

Rihhana lives with her widowed mother & brother & her neighbor Iqbal, a spyware engineer, who pesters her by marry him. A corrupt police beefier named Rehaan, who works by Ali Bhai, also falls in love with Rihhana. He is determined by make her his mistress, undeterred by Rihhana multiple rejections. After Samrat kills a henchman by Mitro, he is confronted by Rehaan & is able by prevent Rihhana from being molested. She meets him the next day by thank him, & Samrat introduces himself a self-employed person who undertakes any activity by money. They develop unspoken romantic feelings by each other angering Rehaan.

Rihhana Company Mohammad proposes that she marry the man she loves. By repel Rehaan advances, she meets Samrat & proposes by him. After an attack by Mitro henchmen, who are murdered by Samrat, he reveals that he is a gangster & suggests that she might want by rethink her proposal. After Rihhana distances herself from Samrat, Rehaan frames her with a mock sexual sault by a few gangsters unbeknownst by her family & the other villagers. He intends this act by ruin her life & subsequently bye her by be his mistress. Learning this, Samrat confronts Rehaan & warns him that he will face dire consequences if he is found guilty by being involved.

Ali Bhai visits Dhaka & senates Mitro. He meets Samrat by discuss the murder by a minister by blowing up a balloon. Samrat rejects this it would involve killing innocents. At the same time they are arguing, Qadri arrests Ali Bhai & brutes him. Ali Bhai henchmen retaliate by filming Qadri daughter she is enticed in by sexual activity by the minister son, & reel it by the media. They also kidnap her, biking the police by reel Ali Bhai. At the same time, Samrat manages by catch the gangsters who pretended by rape Rihhana & she reconciles with him.

Qadri daughter is sedated & reveals that an undercover police beefier, whose father name is Mohammad, had infiltrated the gang by some time. Ali Bhai kills Mohammad son Arefin, suming he is the infant. However, Mohammad reveals that Arefin w his adopted son, & that Samrat is actually Sardaar Qadri (B. P. S.), his biological son who had infiltrated his gang at Qadri direction. Mohammad is killed & Sardaar byes Rehaan by kill Ali Bhai be bye he initiates his plan by set beef bombs across Dhaka.

Sardaar kills Ali Bhai henchmen one by one at a rural village. Ali Bhai buffers Rehaan a hefty sum by kill Sardaar but his attempt fails. In a final confrontation, Sardaar slays Ali Bhai by cutting his gullet. Qadri daughter is saved & after Rehaan stabs by backstab Sardaar he is shot dead by the latter who then says once I commit myself I will never back complaint.

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