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Up is a 2009 comedy adventure animated film which is produced by Pixar. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures. Up is directed by Pete Docter.

Up 2009 Animated Full Movie Free Download

Box-Office: The budget of this film is $175 million and it earned $731.3 million worldwide.
Voice cast: Edward Asner act as Carl Fredricksen, Christopher Plummer act as Charles F. Muntz, Jordan Nagai act as Russell, Bob Peterson act as Dug, Pete Docter act as Kevin, Elizabeth Docter act as Ellie Fredricksen, Delroy Lindo act as Beta, Jerome Ranftact act as Gamma, John Ratzenberger act as Tom, David Kaye act as the newsreel presenter, Danny Mann act as Steve.

Plot: Carl Fredricksen is a young boy. He admires famous explorer Charles Muntz who has been accused of constructing the skeleton of a giant exotic bird. He says he exposed at Paradise Falls. He wanted to catch one alive. Carl befriends with a girl named Ellie. She is also a fan of Muntz. They finally get married. They live together in the reinstated house. Few days later Ellie suddenly becomes ill & dies.

Carl still lives in the house and stubbornly property out as the nearby neighborhood is torn down for new building. When he unintentionally injures a construction worker court orders him to move to a retirement home. Carl comes up with an arrangement to keep his promise to Ellie & turns his house into a makeshift airship by using thousands of helium balloons. A young boy named Russell Wilderness Explorer to become an accidental run-away in his effort to earn his final merit badge for support the old man.

The flying house lands on a tepee opposite of the Paradise Falls. They yoke themselves to the still buoyant house, begin to walk it across the mesa and hoping to reach the falls before the balloons devalue. Russell meet with a bird Kevin. They meet a welcoming dog named Dug. He attires a special collar which lets him to speak.
They set upon by a pack of violent dogs led by Alpha. They are also seeking the bird and they are taken to their chief Muntz. He invites Carl and Russell on-board where he explains that he has spent years since his shame penetrating for the giant bird. Russell notice that bird is similarity to Kevin. Muntz captures Kevin and starts a fire under Carl’s house. He forcing him to choose between saving Kevin or house. Carl allowing Muntz to take the bird instead of saving the house, but Russell is disenchanted in Carl over his decision to recklessness Kevin.

Carl evacuates the house of furniture to lightening it and follows him. Russell is took by Muntz but Carl manages to board the dirigible in flight, free both Russell and Kevin. Muntz leaps after them but his foot fall on some balloon lines and passing away. They reunify Kevin with her chicks. Carl gifts Russell with his final badge. They enjoy some ice cream together. His house has landed on the cliff beside Paradise Falls and satisfying his promise to Ellie.

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