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WALL_E is an American computer animated science literature comedy film of 2008 which is produced by Pixar. This film is directed by Andrew Stanton.

Box-Office: The budget of this film is $180 million & it earned $521.3 million.

Wall E Full Movie Download

Cast and characters:
•    Ben Burtt act as WALL-E
•    Elissa Knight act as EVE
•    Jeff Garlin act as Captain B. McCrea
•    Fred Willard act as Shelby Forthright
•    MacInTalk text to speech Apple Macintosh
•    John Ratzenberger and Kathy Najimy act as John and Mary
•    Sigourney Weaver act as  Axiom ‘s computer

In the year 2805 the Earth is abandoned covered in heaps garbage left over from decades mass consumerism facilitated by the megacorporation Buy “n” Great BnLL. 7 hundred years previous  BnL evacuated Earth population in completely automatic starliners  leaving behind WALL-E trash compactor robots clean the planet for humankind eventual reappearance. The plan failed however all WALL-E units are now inactive except one which has developed sentience after many years life experience. Manages remain in operation by mending himself using parts from other sedentary components.

WALL-E discovers a growing seedling. Later a spaceship lands organizes EVE an advanced robot investigation sent from the BnL starliner Axiom hunt for flora on Ground. WALL-E waterfalls in love with the initially cold hostile EVE who gradually softens befriends him. WALL E transports EVE his home complaints his collection she sees the plant mechanically supplies it inside herself energies into reserve mode waiting for her ship recuperate. WALL-E not understanding why EVE seems have shut down tries numerous methods reactivate her. When EVE automated ship returns collects EVE WALL-E clings its hull thus travels through space the Axiom which is hidden behind a nebula.

On the Axiom the descendants the ship’s original passengers have become morbidly obese after centuries microgravity effects relying on the ship’s automated systems for their every need. The ship’s current captain McCrea leaves most the ship’s operations under the control its robotic autopilot  AUTO.

WALL-E follows EVE the bridge the Axiom wherever the captain studies that by hitting the plant in the ship’s holo sensor verify Soil habitability the Axiom will brand a hyperjump back Earth the travelers can recolonize this. Though AUTO instructions McCrea robotic subordinate GO-4 steal the plant as part his own no-return directive A113 which was delivered BnL autopilots after the company determined in 2110 that the earth could not be protected.

The plant missing EVE is unhurried flawed taken the renovation bay lengthways with WALL-E for housework. WALL-E mistakes the cleaning procedure performed on EVE for torture tries save her accidentally releasing a quarantined horde malfunctioning robots. The on-board security systems then elect both WALL-E EVE as rogue automata. Fed up by WALL-E disturbances EVE takes him the leakage pod bay send him home. There they witness GO-4 disposing the missing plant by placing it inside a pod which is set self-destruct. WALL-E enters the pod retrieve the plant GO-4 jettisons the pod into galaxy. WALL-E seepages with the plant before the pod bursts uses a fire extinguisher propel himself back toward the Axiom where he EVE resolve rejoice with a dance in planetary.

When the plant is brought the captain EVE recordings Earth are analyzed the captain concludes that mankind must return restore the planet. However AUTO reveals his directive stages a mutiny. When WALL-E tries protect the plant AUTO electrocutes severely damages him. EVE understands the only parts available repair WALL-E are in his truck spinal on Ground. She assistances him bring the plant the holo-detector activate the ship’s hyperjump. McCrea fighting AUTO for control the ship manages open the detector access hatch. AUTO partially crushes WALL-E by final the trapdoor beforehand McCrea can lastly disable the autopilot. EVE places the plant in the detector release WALL-E instantly setting the Axiom hyperjump World.

Upon entrance EVE rushes WALL-E back his home where she repairs reactivates him. Though his memory is erased resumes his original programming as a waste compactor. Inconsolable EVE gives WALL-E an electrical leave-taking kiss which reinstates his memory personality. WALL-E EVE reunite as the humans robots the Axiom restore Earth its situation.

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